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If you are remodeling, enclosing your backyard pool, or building a deck or patio structure on your residential property, you may want a durable, modern, attractive aluminum railing system. Aluminum fences come in a wide range of styles, configurations and colors to fit your needs and space.  Wind-breaking fences are perfect for pool and patio enclosures.  Picket fences are ideal for enclosing balconies, decks, and yards whilst offering a more traditional architectural style.  Whichever style or application you choose you can rest assured that aluminum is very durable and virtually maintenance free. Give us a call today to see our full selection of Aluminum Fencing Materials.

PRIORITY #1: Security

For business owners, security alone is often the primary reason to install fencing around their business location. Top choices are chain link and ornamental aluminum. The primary benefit of chain link fence, strong yet see through, makes it most effective for security purposes. Considering cost as well as effectiveness it is generally considered the best fence option for the dollar.

PRIORITY #2: Privacy

Depending on the type of business and it's location, privacy could be an issue. For a business, especially, the fence type and appearance as well as quality of installation should be as important a consideration as privacy itself. Always use a licensed and experienced fence professional when considering the addition of fencing to your commercial enterprise.

Curb Appeal

While privacy and security are the top reasons why many businesses will choose to have a fence installed, for some it is primarily 'curb appeal'. There are many attractive commercial fence options that will accentuate your property and keep your business safe - PVC vinyl being the most versatile - requiring little maintenance and available in a number of styles.

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Servicing The Livestock Industry

Agricultural Fencing Services

In the livestock industry, quality fencing can be an instrumental part of an operation’s overall efficiency and success.  Fences need to be functional and secure, while also being cost effective.  Every project has different requirements and goals that need to be met by specific fencing choices.  From grazing management solutions and pasture perimeter fencing, to corrals and livestock handling facilities,  Area Enclosures covers every end of the spectrum of livestock fencing.  Let us work with you to make your management system run as smooth and profitable as possible.

Barbed wire is particularly effective for containing cattle. In pastures containing both cattle and sheep, one or two strands of barbed wire are used in conjunction with woven wire to both discourage cattle from reaching over the top of a fence and to keep sheep from crawling under it.

Though often used in many areas for horses – use of barbed wire today is considered poor management (due to inherent risk of injury to a large, fast moving animal). Smooth wire fencing – usually in conjunction with a line of electric fence – is used as an inexpensive alternative to fencing in horses and other animals.

Woven wire – often with one or more strands of barbed wire at the top – is commonly used for sheep and pigs. A ground-level barbed wire strand, or electrified wire, is used as well to prevent pigs digging beneath the fence.

Deer (and many goats) can easily jump an ordinary agricultural fence, and so special fencing is needed for farming goats or deer, or, more commonly – to keep wild deer out of farmland and gardens. Deer fence is often made of lightweight woven ‘wire mesh’ netting about six feet high mounted on lightweight posts.