Aluminum Fence - Style and Height Combinations to Meet Most Pool Codes

  • These fences meet pool codes that require a fence to be 48″ above grade with either:
    • any rail spacing and less than 1¾” between pickets, or
    • one 45″ rail spacing between the tops of two adjacent rails and less than 4″ between pickets.
  • Gates will be self-closing and self-latching. Magnetic latches may be required for some gates to meet these codes.
  • Check local building codes for your requirements before ordering.

Ovation – Specifically designed to meet the Pool Enclosure Code drafted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

#101 Modified – This traditional wrought iron design has its picket points even across the top.

#111 Modified – This version of style #101 is built to accept finials on the pickets instead of the standard spear points.

#200 Modified – A variation of style #202 which combines the safety of a smooth top rail with traditional spear points below.

#202 Modified – A best-selling classic design with a smooth rail on top rather than points.

Lexington Modified – Distinguished wrought iron design has elegant curves connecting the pickets. Available with finials or standard points centered in the arch.

Concord Modified – Similar to the Lexington, but with pickets between each arch, as well as inside. Pickets may have either standard points or finials.


* Residential aluminum fence is also available in a 54″ and a 57″ height to meet most pool codes.
* Regency fence is also available in a 54″ height while Ovation is only available in 48″ height.