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Fence Repair & Insurance Claims

Weather-Related Fence Damage and your Homeowner Policy

On a typical Homeowner Insurance policy, weather-related damage to your fence is covered under 'Other Structures' (Coverage B) - subject to, or minus, the amount of your deductible. Additionally, for insurance purposes there are 2 types of fences - and each case is handled differently:

  1. In the event of damages to a shared fence, a fence that is jointly-owned between two (2) neighbors:
    • Each of the two (2) owners would be covered for 50% of the total cost of the repairs, while, at the same time, equally sharing the cost of the deductible - each paying 50%.
    • For example if there is $3000 in total damages and each of the 2 co-owners has a $1000 deductible, then, usually, each insurance company will pay 50% ($1500) of the repair cost minus 1/2 of the deductible ($500) - for a total of $1000.
  2. More commonly, in cases where the fence is not jointly, but rather singly, or individually, owned - the owner is covered for 100% of the cost to repair the damage to the fence, while incurring the full amount (100%) of the deductible.

What's Typically Covered - and What's Not

Fence and fence structures are subject to damage due to high winds, torrential rains, heavy snowfall, vehicular accidents, termites, vandalism, earthquakes and falling trees and branches - usually due to high winds.

Some of the above mentioned risk factors are covered by your homeowner insurance policy and some may not be (depending on your coverage). For the most part, with damage due to natural causes, excepting earthquakes and floods (which require a dedicated policy), there is no party who is "at fault." In other words, if a tree damages your fence, it doesn't matter who owns the tree - it only matters who owns the damaged item; bottom line - if you own the fence, your homeowners insurance should cover it (namely - the cost of the repair and restoration of that fence to it's previous condition).

The Deductible VS Actual Cost of Repair


  1. If your insurance deductible is $1000 (a typical amount) and the estimated cost of repair is $800, the incentive to file a claim is pretty much non-existent, and moreover, you (the fence owner) are responsible for both the repair itself and the amount of repair.
  2. If the estimate for repair is $1500, although there is a valid reason to submit a claim for damages that you are otherwise covered for, any recent history of having filed a damage claim for something else - could easily offset that $500 'savings' (amount of claim) by increased monthly premiums subsequent to the new claim being awarded.
  3. If a wind storm knocks over a huge tree that flattens a large area of your fence - many of the posts are damaged - and the estimate for clean-up and repair is $3000, and moreover, there is no history of previous claims, opting to file a claim is a clear-cut decision - even with the down-side of having to cover the $1000 deductible for something that was not your fault (but that you are, nonetheless, responsible for).

Whatever fault or liability may exist, in any particular instance, or not, always check with your agent first - ask questions! It is incumbent upon you, the policy holder, to verify with your insurer the terms and conditions that apply in each particular case, and in the event of an incident where damages occur, to promptly report and file a claim.

Claims for Other Types of Damage

If your fence was damaged by a vehicle or vandalism - or otherwise unknown cause:

  1. Contact your local police department - an officer should be (depending upon the extenuating circumstances) dispatched to report the type of incident (accident etc.) and/or the nature of the damages.
  2. Contact your insurance company and have the following items ready for the claims adjuster:
    • A copy of the police report (if available)
    • A detailed description of the incident (if known, i.e. - documents etc.)
    • An itemized list of damages (what is damaged, broken or missing)
    • Photos of the entire damaged area (from several angles if possible)

Other than that, whether for residential or business claims, the criteria used for establishing insurance coverages are fundamentally the same from state to state, but may vary according to the particular climate conditions or anomolies for a specific state or region.

We have over 20 years experience dealing with insurance companies and claims adjustors and can help you to file your claim and handle all necessary repairs to have your fence restored to like-new condition. Call us at (215) 269-6509 for a prompt and accurate estimate (at no charge) or email us at - or use our Contact Form.

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